School is a pain, and it shouldn’t have to be.

In America (and most of the industrialized world), we view getting an education as a right. However the structural and capitalistic basis of school in the Land of the Free focuses more on plutocratic values than the very quality of life that we all desire. To add to the problem, schooling has pretty much been deemed as a requirement for success, and has tainted the very meaning of what learning is supposed to stand for. School is unreasonably demanding and forceful of students and teachers alike, since teachers are given hardly any options, having to teach to a test, which the students also show no favorability in. And it gets worse when teens start High School. The early starting time ends up doing more harm than good as most students are unable to get to sleep early due to the major influence of the technological era, and perhaps they just don’t care enough to change their sleep because school is the last place they want to set foot on. Teachers have to get up even earlier in order to have time for planning and grading, which can stress them out and turn them into dull unrelatable human beings over long periods of time. Clearly there is a problem with this forced, fixated schooling, yet no one has really tried to ask for change. I feel that the reason being is due to our ways of subliminally teaching kids not to question the decisions of authority, and therefore have fear of doing so, despite there being no weapons involved usually, however corporal punishment did exist commonly decades ago, which was a horrible authoritarian approach at raising kids. Parents who agree with it have clearly been a victim of it and have let fear put them into submission. Authoritarian approaches just encourages violence amongst people and pushes them to want revenge on others due to being angry with their “educators” yet fear that they will face more corporal punishment if they dare oppose them in another occurrence. If I have to say, there is a ulterior motive created by the wealthy to dominate the interests of the young and innocent. Students may be mentally pressured inside and/or outside of school to follow a particular path in which they show no genuine interest in, yet parents or school insist that it is the only way, forcing or pressuring their biased opinion onto the kids and teens. School subliminally teaches students to be highly dependent on any source of knowledge, even if the source is clearly biased or fake, while simultaneously making the students automatically compliant with a caged mentality. Essentially preventing students from wanting to have change they so desire. Teachers have to deal with a similar issue but at least they can actually go on strike. People under the age of 18 are treated as inferior beings that are unable to make decisions for themselves, which is only somewhat true for infants, but explain why infants cry in order to receive attention or to sleep with their parents? Do we not have a natural obligation to learn outside of school? Kids actively want to understand their environment and how the world works by overloading their parents and peers with questions. They actively seek knowledge on their own terms, and that’s how we all should function. To truly be an independent individual, you have to learn how to seek information yourself, and learn how to research material before trusting it, and school unconsciously teaches the opposite. School not only should be optional, it should be reformed so that instead of a global curriculum, each student has control over their own curriculum, and are given a list of requirements of entering specific careers so they know what courses they should take. Have all basic life skills taught in elementary school, like cooking, relationship etiquette, manners, domestic responsibilities, surviving when resources like technology are scarce, etc. Society can improve the moment we start looking at our needs and desires, then fulfilling them while thinking about how these needs and desires will affect you and the people around you. If we can learn how to control our desire of power, leisure, knowledge, and our emotional lives, we can have people not only become stronger individually, but stronger as a community. Major news outlets like CNN and Fox News are there for the sole purpose of profit and distractions. They are a part of the reason why progression has been rather slow currently, with ads also getting in the way, further proving how today’s society is structured solely on making money, rather than improving the lives of many by acknowledging our needs as humans and understanding that we do better when we work together, not create intentional divides where the only purpose is to create drama for views and cash. I’m sure there is a large population of people out there that are aware of these issues with education, but are mostly apathetic or driven by learned helplessness, which prevents them from wanting to demand change, hence the slow and tedious progression. If we make no changes to the current status quo of the education system, then it will become an even bigger threat to our prosperity, well-being, and our creative nature. Everyone has the ability to protest for change, they just need to recognize that their are real issues inside it and that the only way it’s going to change is if students, parents, and teachers will make the effort to strive for a satisfying, flexible, and creative learning experience that satisfies all individuals, not just the interest of big money and competition.